Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Critique and Survey of Thomas Luckman's Religious Study    Ph.D    feizi, samane    2018-11-28
2    Islamic Fundamentalism: Violence or nonviolence, Examing the views if Hasan al-Banna, Abu'l-ala Maududi and Imam khomeini    M.Sc.    gholami, hanieh    2018-11-21
3    Religion as a ResourceCulture for peace: comparative dynamics among Christian and Muslim communities in Paderborn and Mashhad    Ph.D    Akbari, Rasool    2018-05-29
4    The translation and survy of the book Jesus and Muhammad, Parallel Tracks,Parallel Lives , by F.E. Peters    M.Sc.    Raeisian, Zohreh    2017-05-10
5    : Translation and Research on the book of The Golden Rule (The Ethics of Reciprocity in World Religions) Edited By Jacob Neusner and Bruce Chilton    M.Sc.    ghorbani yaghoti, kobra    2016-10-26
6    Translation and Research on the First Three Parts of Understanding Theories of Religion: An Introduction By Ivan Strenski    M.Sc.    movahhedian, maryam    2016-10-01
7    A Comparison between the Figures of Eve and the Virgin Mary in Feminist Biblical Interpretation    M.Sc.    Bani Assadi, Nasrin    2016-03-09
8    samaritan history, beliefs and rituals    M.Sc.    sadeghian, zahra    2015-07-01
9    The comprative study of predestination and free will in religious texts of Zoroastrianism and Old Testament    M.Sc.    dosti, tahere    2015-07-01
10    Comparison of Dr. Ali Shariati̛s opinions and thoughts with Liberation Theology of Latin America    M.Sc.    Bita, Bahador    2015-07-01
11    Comparative study of james and jung' views on Religion    M.Sc.    sharifian sani, atefeh    2015-05-20
12    A survey on the life and works of ’Emrānī and transcription of a section of Ganjnāme into Persian and its edition    M.Sc.    baravi, marjan    2015-04-15
13    Translation of and research on chapters 4, 5, 6 and 7 of Buddhism and Christianity, by Winston L. King    M.Sc.    asadi, sajjad    2015-02-18
14    Translation of and research on chapters 1, 2, and 3 of Buddhism and Christianity, by Winston L. King    M.Sc.    haddadi, mohammad    2015-02-18
15    A Comparative study of the metodology of the moral education in the Quran and the New Testament    Ph.D    khasian, vahid    2015-01-05
16    translation and survey of the four first chapters of Mystisicm and Sacred Scripture, Edited by Steven T. Katz    M.Sc.    hussaini, marzieh    2014-12-24
17    Critical edition of Fotouh Al-mujahedin    M.Sc.    najafi chenarestan sofla, masoud    2014-12-24
18    Allegorical interpretation of the Holy Quran in the Masnavi    M.Sc.    mansouri, esmat    2014-09-22
19    Franciscans in Muslim World    M.Sc.    abedi, fatemeh    2014-05-21
20    Sufism in Europe and North America    M.Sc.    pilehkesh, reza    2014-04-23
21    A survey on the proselytizing in the Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament)    M.Sc.    Sedaghat Hasanzadeh, Fereshteh    2014-02-26
22    Survey and Translation of \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Orientalism in XIV,s France/    M.Sc.    hossaini, alieh    2013-10-13
23    Research and analyze of the Rites Of Passage    M.Sc.    Emami, Fatemeh    2013-05-01
24    A Critical View on the Religious Claims of Zionism    M.Sc.    mahmoudi nasab, mohadeseh    2012-11-14
25    A Study of Roger Bacon\\\\\\\'s Biography,opinions and Works with a Translation and Commentary on his Mirror of Alchemy    M.Sc.    shojania, jahanara    2012-11-14
26    Mystical Elements in the Judeo- Persian Literature    M.Sc.    pursadeghi, maryam    2012-11-14
27    A Study On Christian Theology’s Confrontation With Gnosticism    M.Sc.    asghari, samira    2012-11-05
28    A Comparative Study of Ghazzalis Ihya Ulum al-Din and aKempis Imitation of Christ    M.Sc.    mohammadi, faride    2012-10-03
29    Translation of, and research on the Christians in Persia by R. Waterfield    M.Sc.    AKBARPOUR Almajoghi, TALEB    2012-06-02
30    The translation and survey of first three chapters of Christianityamong the Arabs in Pre-Islamic Times    M.Sc.    toloue barekati, samaneh    2012-05-02
31    Time And History In Judiasm    M.Sc.    mobasheri, havva    2011-10-11
32    Edition and commentary on Aasrar al-Awliya    M.Sc.    akhlaghi, masoumeh    2011-10-05
33    Status ofZoroastriancommunityof Iran inthe Islamicera ( from Beginning of Islam until the end of the first Abbasid era)    M.Sc.    safarpoor, leala    2011-05-15
34    A research and translation of a part of Understanding Early Christian Art    M.Sc.    tabakhian, mahsa    2011-03-16
35    A survey on the concept of Soul in the Old Testament    M.Sc.    nejatzadeh, Encieh    2011-03-16
36    sin in Zoroastrian Religion    M.Sc.    tajik, fatemeh    2011-02-23
37    A survey on mystical symbols in the Surah al_Kahf    M.Sc.    rahdar, maryam    2010-12-22
38    Translation and Survey of the First Four Chapters of The Religion of the Semites, by W. Robertson Smith    M.Sc.    forghany, zahra    2010-09-15
39    The translation and survey of four first chapters of Muslim writer on Judaism and Hebrew Bible by Camilla Adang    M.Sc.    PEZHOM, FATEMEH    2010-04-25
40    Description and Survey of Muslim Apologetic Writings Against Christianity at 150 Later Years in Sub Continent and Iran    M.Sc.    aminifar, hassan    2010-04-21
41    Translation and survey of the part of Christianity in    M.Sc.    ghorab, fakhrodin    2010-02-10
42    A survey on mystical elements in the holy Bible    M.Sc.    hasanzadeh, smat    2009-03-06